Sunday, April 3, 2011

Springtime Cake Pop Bouquet

I think this year more than any other in memory, I have been enamored with the coming of spring. Each new tree I spotted with barely-there buds just thrilled me.  The arrival of the early spring daffodils (one of my favorite flowers) seemed to herald more than just a change of seasons this time.  Seems kind of silly to say, but this spring has truly felt like a fresh start, a new year. And of course as soon as I started waxing poetic about the chirping robins and rising temperatures, a rogue cold snap came in an reminded me that winter's not quite over yet.

Well boo, I say! If I can't have REAL spring flowers, I'll make some myself! I decided I was going to pursue a little papercraft goodness and make my own flowers, and found a wonderful, easy tutorial over at Alphamom for making paper daffodils. But once I got started cutting and folding, I was suddenly struck with inspiration. Why not make some cute patterned paper to make my flowers with? And wait! I could totally make some yummy cake pops and slide right in the center, instead of the little paper cones where the daffodil trumpets should be. Thus, my springtime cake pop bouquet was born.

First I went to the source for all cake pop-related craftery, which would be the cake pop queen herself: Bakerella. For basic cake pop baking and construction, read her instructions. (She uses boxed cake mix and canned frosting, but I'm sure  homemade would work as well. You'll just have to play with the consistency!) For my cake pops, I used white cake and vanilla frosting, with some lemon extract thrown in for a little something extra. 

You'll see from the photos below that I melted my white candy coating and added yellow food coloring to it -- you can also use white chocolate, white chocolate bark, or colored candy coating. Whatever works for you!  I would melt just a little at a time in something tall and skinny, like a coffee mug (shown), to make for easier dipping.  And if you want to decorate your cake balls/pops with sprinkles, make sure you add those right after dipping or the candy coating will harden up and become impervious to your sprinkling desires!

click to enlarge.

This project takes about an hour to do, not including baking your cake. It's pretty easy and with the help of some safety scissors, would be a great craft idea to do with your kids!  Plus, I think this little bouquet would look ADORABLE on an Easter kiddie table as a centerpiece AND dessert.  Easy peasy entertaining, it's a good thing. ;)  

First thing's first! To recreate my springtime polka dot flowers, print out my FREE paper set!  

Download here!  

Assembly instructions:
1. Print out my colorful polka dot squares. Use plain old copy paper or cardstock, using your printer's best quality settings. Cut out each square!
2. Take a square and fold it in half.
3. Then fold it in half again.
4. And fold it in half one more time.
5. Now use your scissors to trim your little triangle into a petal shape. Depending on how you trim it, your flowers can turn out quite different from one another. Experiment with fun shapes!
6. Unfold your petals carefully to reveal your new flower. Simple as that! Now repeat with your other squares.
7. Turn your finished flowers over and draw a teeny little "X" in the center of each one. Now use the tip of your scissors or an x-acto knife (be careful not to leave kiddos in charge of this step, just in case!), to cut the lines of your "X". 
8. Now dip all of your cake pops, decorate as desired, and let dry thoroughly. Attach each flower by gently slipping each lollipop stick into the hole created in step 7. You may need to shave off any excess candy coating that drips down the stick (your X-Acto or a fingernail works great for this) to be able to get each flower up to the base of your cake ball.
9. Arrange your finished cake pop flowers into a container of some sort. I used a small mason jar I had on hand filled with white chocolate chips, but these would look great in just about anything! I bet they'd be terribly cute in a mini tera cotta pot with some floral foam stuffed in the bottom!

This little cake pop bouquet was so fun to make (and fun to eat, yum!).  I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did! 


  1. What a cute festive idea! Great job.

  2. Thank you! I'm all about cute and festive. :)

  3. That is such an adorable idea. I love the white chocolate chips in the mason jar.

  4. Aww, thanks! I have been craving sweet springy pastels lately and this was my way of indulging. :) The chocolate chips worked great, but I think I might use foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs next time for even MORE color!

  5. Super cute! Love it ~ thank you for sharing x

  6. Wow, those are darling. I just tried my first cake pops this weekend(just posted).... Just want to say "Good Job", they sure aren't as easy as they look. Yours turned out to adorable & I love that you shared the petals too, thanks so much :O)

  7. You're right, cake pops aren't as easy as they look, and they sure do make a mess! They're so much fun, though.

  8. Just saw your blog comment. You were didn't NEED Martha, lol. I have to get all of my ideas from her!

    I love your flowers with the polka dots! So, so cute!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. I really liked how you used the mini cupcake liners for the daffodil "trumpet," kind of wish I had thought of that, since my cake pops are never as smooth and pretty as I would like them to be, lol!

    Thanks so much for coming by, you make so many absolutely awesome goodies that I am truly flattered you were curious about my bouquet. :)