Friday, April 29, 2011

Girl Friday

So, I hear some royal people got hitched today. I honestly haven't paid much attention to the whole affair (not for TV's lack of trying, though), but I can't say it didn't get me thinking about princesses and fairytales weddings!  So, since it's Friday (for another 1.4 hours, or thereabouts), here's another Girl Friday for you all to enjoy.  Did you watch the wedding? Will you be sad as the hype dies down?  Even I have to admit that a real-life royal wedding doesn't happen everyday.  

Today I startled two tiny baby bunnies while I was mowing the lawn. They were soooo cute, and I felt like a cow for scaring them. Part of me wanted to scoop them up and nuzzle them forever, the other part wanted to scuttle around in the grass looking for late-laid Cadbury eggs. It's an addiction.

 Sighhh, just 12 more months until Easter 2012.

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