Friday, February 4, 2011

Freebie: Valentine's Treat Box!

I made it, I made it!  I finished this printable treat box before Valentine's Day, whew. I even have ten whole days to share it with you. :)  Seriously, I am so  new at this designing-printable-goodies-and-blogging-about-it-thing, it takes a good long time for me to get everything ready! Between designing the basic printable prototype itself, applying a fun pattern, testing, photographing, editing the photos and writing the post, it's a lot of effort.  But it's worth it, and a whooole lot of fun. And I know it will get easier/quicker as I gain more experience and start rockin' the printables world. I hope I hope. 

Anyhoo, have a loverly little Valentine's treat box! It matches the tags I posted a little while back in all their stripey green and white glory. It's about 2.25 inches square, and actually holds quite a bit of candy -- or in my case, a mini-cupcake -- perfectly. All you need is some sturdy cardstock or photo paper, your printer, a pair of scissors and glue or tape!  It works great as is after printing and assembling, but I chose to stuff mine with a little tissue paper and tie it with a ribbon for maximum cuteness.

I can just imagine waking up to one of these little boxes on Valentine's Day morning -- it'd be like Christmas, except pink and covered in hearts!  What do you have planned to make V-Day a special one this year?

PS. There's no real recipe for the cupcake pictured, in case you were wondering! Just smear some Nutella on your favorite vanilla cupcake and add the cutest sprinkles you can find! No-fuss perfection.


  1. Soooo Cute! And thanks for the nutella idea too! Love it!

  2. Thank youu! As for the Nutella thing, I usually keep leftover unfrosted cupcakes in my freezer for the odd cake emergency -- it's called "10:30 pm" in my house -- and, well, who has time to make buttercream when you need to stuff cake in your face now?

  3. The box is adorable! love it..thank you!

  4. So Cute! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I think I could eat this all day long, because I love such delicious looking things :)

  6. Very cute! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    PS My 3 year old daughter actually found your blog. I was on Dana's blog (Made) and she saw your avatar and clicked on it because she liked your picture!)